Who We are

A lot of companies attempt to do all things at once so that they can get many clients in different fields… Webdesign, SEO, Links, Marketing, Advertising and more. A lot of times they add Social Media, but it’s not the main focus. This is completely wrong.

We at Bytemoo are laser-focused on social media PPC campaigns that produce results, while all working together in one roof just outside Fremont. Our work is not outsourced.

TIN, Business Permit and Cert of Registration of Trade Name is in the About me section of this Website. Real company, with real results!

What We do in Bytemoo?

We focus on Social Media PPC & Growth- Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok.

Compared to the old Traditional Keyword Targetting from Google Keyword, with Social PPCS we are able to target users using their Online movements, what they watched and how long they watched, their Liked Pages, online footprints, Online Purchase History, Interest, Behaviour, demographics, and a lot more.

We only target people who spend money online. This method is not available in Traditional PPC that other companies are using. Once Successful we will then create Lookalike audiences.

How We do it

Spend Smart & Outperform Your Competition With Our Services. We will give you 3 years of Modern Advertising experience and We will give you great results that you won’t find anywhere.

Leave the Growth and Advertising to us, so you can focus on what matters most, your Product. We will send customers right in your doorstep daily or even hourly right in the very first month of our project. We bring local clients who are really looking and in need of the Products & Services the business owner provides.

Our Mission: To Triple the income of 1000 Businesses. Will yours be one of them?